So Happy I Could Die

I'm Fran. 15 but the mind of a 7 year older. Little Monster, Diamond, like 10% ELF (Super Junior fan) {Thanks ELF cousins e.e}, Ryeosomnia&String, ST☆RLIGHT (VIXX fan). I'M CHILEAN FROM CHILE. Soy muy Feliz ahora mismo, gracias a mi novio y a mis amigos ...y para ustedes, sonríale a la vida, que ella no vea tu peor cara :D Now that you know me, you should follow me, or you could get to know me, Ask, I don't bite ;). Looking for something?



the first step towards confidence is not being afraid to be ugly

once you get over the fear of being unattractive and stop equating beauty with other good things in life (friends, love, happiness) it’s a lot easier to love yourself unconditionally

your job is not to sit around and be pretty and easy on everyone else’s eyes

your job is to do whatever the fuck you want and look however the fuck you want while doing it

This is how I got confident

(vía braden-hartman)


Gaga backstage with a mini version if her Jeff Koons sculpture