So Happy I Could Die

I'm Fran. 15 but the mind of a 7 year older. Little Monster, Diamond, like 10% ELF (Super Junior fan) {Thanks ELF cousins e.e}, Ryeosomnia&String, ST☆RLIGHT (VIXX fan). I'M CHILEAN FROM CHILE. Soy muy Feliz ahora mismo, gracias a mi novio y a mis amigos ...y para ustedes, sonríale a la vida, que ella no vea tu peor cara :D Now that you know me, you should follow me, or you could get to know me, Ask, I don't bite ;). Looking for something?

Soy de ese 5% que a mi mamá le sigo diciendo mami ó mamá y no vieja.

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do you ever read people’s tags and get like damn why can’t I hang out with this majestic funny motherfucker

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Hooooooooker, yeah you’re my hooker